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Aksorn Education Public Company Limited (“Aksorn”) informs the users of Aksorn’s Website (“Website”) about Aksorn’s necessity to use Cookies for operating many parts of the Website so as to guarantee the perfect services as well as for your convenience in accessing and using the Website. Moreover, because the use of Cookies is considered part of personal data processing under applicable law, so Aksorn aims to inform you about the safe use of such Cookies. Aksorn guarantees the use of Cookies for limited purposes as necessary and guarantees appropriate security measures in consistency with standards stipulated in the relevant laws.

When you visit the Website, you will be deemed to have agreed and been aware of this privacy policy. This announcement on personal data processing only applies to Aksorn's Website, does not apply to other services or websites possibly connected to Aksorn's Website, which belong to third parties. You must consult the applicable privacy policies and announcements stated by such third parties separately. Aksorn reserves the right to possibly revise this announcement from time to time so as to accord with relevant practices and laws and in line with the use of various Cookies of Aksorn. Aksorn will inform you about changes through this Website.

Cookies used by Aksorn to serve you

Cookies are text files on your Browser for Aksorn to store detailed information and record your Internet usage or browsing behavior. Aksorn’s purpose of using Cookies is to guarantee the Website’s performance to respond to you at full efficiency. Aksorn needs to use various Cookies for different purposes by division into 4 types as follows.

  1. Strictly Necessary Cookies are essential for the operation of the Website and providing you with complete and secure access to information.
  2. Functionality Cookies act to remember what you have chosen or set on the Website, e.g. the name, user account, language, font and presentation models of meeting the individual needs for you more according to selected settings.
  3. Performance Cookies evaluate the performance of each part of the Website. Such information may be processed by external service provider to provide Aksorn’s work analytic assessment service.
  4. Advertising Cookies act to remember what you have visited and the nature of your Website use to offer products or services that are relevant to and meet your interests. Such information may be processed by external service provider that will act to serve Aksorn.

As to Strictly Necessary Cookies, Aksorn hereby informs you about Aksorn’s necessity to use such Cookies in order to provide the Website’s services with full efficiency. If Aksorn does not use such Cookies, Aksorn will not be able to provide services to you.

As for other types of Cookies, with your consent for Aksorn to use each type of Cookies, such Cookies will be used for specific purposes stipulated for each type of Cookies. Despite the use of Cookies beneficial to enhancement of the services and operation of the Website for you, you can delete Cookies settings on your Browser if required. However, deleting such settings may affect the performance of the Website’s services in some parts.

Data subject’s rights

Aksorn acknowledges and respects the rights of data subject according to your law in relation to personal data, particularly Cookies used by Aksorn. You can exercise the rights as prescribed by law in addition to freely customizing the settings especially the right to withdraw your consent to use Functionality Cookies / Performance Cookies or Advertising Cookies previously given to Aksorn.

Contact channels

Aksorn welcomes any questions, complaints, comments and requests relating to this Personal Data Processing Announcement, especially the exercise of your data subject rights. You can contact Aksorn at E-mail : or post to Aksorn Education Public Company Limited at the address No. 142 Praeng Sanphasat Alley, Tanao Road, San Chao Pho Suea Sub-district, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok Metropolis 10200.


Announced as of 11 May 2022

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